Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Beautiful Birth

It's almost been a week since I attended a beautiful birth. Unbelievable how fast time flies. I was in attendance as a doula & friend. Esther delivered at Birthing Your Way in Orem. I had never attended a birth outside of a hospital setting before. It was totally incredible! The center was so safe, relaxed, and home-like. I felt very fortunate to share the experience with such a knowledgeable, strong, and diverse team. There were two midwives, one midwife assistant, one student midwife, and me. Not to mention Esther and her mother are both nurses and Keyvan is really informed about natural childbirth.

I find it hard to express with words how miraculous it is to welcome a new baby into the world. Angels are dancing and singing, tears and laughter are flowing, and God is smiling.

Esther labored at home for many hours before going to the birthing center. She labored for another 8-9 hours at the b.c. It was nice to not only have the options but be encouraged to eat, bathe, drink, walk, listen to music, change positions when pushing, and be vocal.

Baby girl cuteness came at 4:21 after an 1 1/2 hours of pushing. She was put on Esther's chest and peacefully gazed up at her mama. When dad said something her head and eyes immediately turned to him. She was alert, calm, and serene. She has a full head of black hair, black eyelashes, gorgeous skin, and the prettiest little face. She wanted to eat almost immediately and she did!

It must have been an hour or more before she was weighed (6 lbs 14 oz) and measured (19in & 3/8s) and assessed. Both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

I know there is a lot of fear and misinformation about birthing outside of a hospital. Is it safe? Can I transfer to a hospital if I needed to? Are midwives informed? Will my baby survive? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. As a doula, a woman, and a witness, I speak honestly that it is safe and normal. If you or baby have health problems maybe the hospital is the best place for you to deliver. Either way consider your options. Talk to people who have birthed outside and inside hospitals, with midwives and with obgyns, naturally and medicated. There is no right or way way to bring your baby into the world. Choose to be informed!!

Working as a doula is amazing. I support everyone and every scenario. Doulas help mamas to make informed decisions. My wish is for every laboring woman to have a doula. Women are really good at supporting, informing, and comforting women. Every doula I know works with budgets. If you have any questions or curiosities get answers! You won't regret being informed, it's empowering!