Monday, October 11, 2010

The Peaceful You

As I was giving a new mother a massage last week, I started thinking about peace. This woman I was massaging had a baby 4 weeks ago. The baby came early and has been in the ICU since her arrival into this world. Praising myself, I thought how nice is this for this mom to come and get worked on. She is out of the rif raf hospital stress and focusing on herself. Then like lightning I was struck with an idea I already knew, but had forgotten: Peace is not circumstantial.

Sometimes I get confused as to what constitutes peace. I think to myself: financial freedom, the beach, a white room void of all sound with big open windows, or a church with pictures of Christ and hymns softly playing. The problem is that peace isn't a place nor is it a perfect setting. Peace is within. People can experience peace amidst a busy city, chaotic hospital, cluttered home, noisy children, financial stress, etc, etc. Peace comes from within. We are all capable of tapping into it. Imagine a big universe filled with answers and peace above your head. In order to access peace, go inside and quiet your head and the doors of peace will open up to you.

This is a skill we all must learn how to do. In my opinion,  if we don't choose to learn it in this life, we will eventually learn it in order to progress. It IS easier to get a massage, sit on the beach, or be free of distractions to find a peaceful you; however, once you've realized that you are peace then tapping into your peace will become easier.

Life is meant to be lived. We weren't sent here to meditate all day long. We live! Part of living is finding out that you can be peaceful in a world full of chaos. Because you are peace.