Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey Everyone!

April is my favorite month! In honor of Spring and renewal, I am sending everyone a coupon for $12 off any service. This coupon is only redeemable in April. Spring is the perfect time cleanse the body, relax, and renew!

If you want to "spring clean" your body, I recommend the Raindrop Technique. It's detox that will leave you feeling great for weeks!

I am also excited to announce that I am a birth doula. I help, support, and serve pregnant women. If you or someone you know is pregnant and wants a doula, refer them my way. Anyone who hires me or refers someone that hires me as a doula will receive a free massage!

My office is in Everybody Wellcome in Orem (right on State street). You can call or email to schedule your appt. I look forward to seeing you this month.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I seem to be more aware of pregnant women in springtime. The cylce of re-birth is here. Many of you are either pregnant or know someone is pregnant. Why should you consider a doula? A doula assists in so many ways. She provides emotional and physical support, stays with the woman throughout her entire birth, and nutures the mom to feel more secure and cared for. Having this kind of support results in shorter labors, fewer complications, less interventions and pain meds. Nature operates pretty simply. We over complicate things most of the time. When woman are supported, safe, and cared for their bodies operate more easily.

Please don't ignore your questions. Get answers. Email me anytime. Research away! The answers are waiting for you to find them!