Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a ray of sunshine

Wednesday was a beautiful day to have a baby! It may have been overcast and cold, but at 5:30 p.m. a 9 lb 1 ounce ray of sunshine was welcomed into the world.

Wednesday was the full moon and I was sort of anticipating the birth with that in mind. I love/hate the anticipation before a birth. For days or even weeks, I set my phone on volume high and tell myself to not go into a deep sleep because I don't want to miss any calls during the night.

I didn't miss this call. Marianne called me in the middle of the day. She had gone in for a check-up because the night before she was up with contractions. Gratefully, she was dilated to a seven, progressing, and staying to have her baby. I got to the hospital around 3:40.

We were all so happy to be there. The atmosphere was very laid back. Contractions were coming regularly and strong, but not disabling.  Marianne was in and out of the tub. Within a short time, things were intensifying. The contractions were getting very uncomfortable. Marianne moved to the bed because water births aren't allowed at that hospital.  After blood, sweat, tears, laughter, position changes, and 30 minutes of pushing baby Violet was here!

Immediately we all knew Violet's sweet disposition. She is calm and good natured.  She is absolutely  darling with lots of brown hair, big lips, and wrinkle line above her nose. Totally irresistible!!

I remember during transition looking at Marianne. I felt so helpless for her- I knew that no comfort measures could help her at this point. She was in great distress and discomfort. Then all of the sudden time stopped long enough for Marianne to compose herself.  It was as if someone came in the room and wiped the agony away. Her breathe slowed and her face changed. The world started spinning again and the next push Violet was here.

Childbirth is totally amazing. Every birth is different and yet the same feelings of reverence, admiration, and humility flood through me. I envision a gathering of angels present at every birth. They all get the invite and bless the new baby. They've come to celebrate family. I am happy to share in this celebratory  experience. That is one of the many reasons that I am a doula.