Monday, November 8, 2010

I gots to breathe- toni b.

Some decisions are thoughtful. I want to talk about thoughtful decisions in reference to taking care of your body. More specifically breathing. Breathing is automatic, unless there is a paralysis or health problem present we breathe. However, that doesn't mean that we breathe evenly, deeply, or thoughtfully.

Notice your breath. Notice the times when you hold your breath. Do you ever hold your breath during a stressful situation? You know when children throw temper tantrums and their faces go red? Adults do it to. Have you ever received a really specific massage and your therapist has reminded you to breathe? Women in childbirth are often taught how to breathe or reminded to breathe. Remind yourself whether you are excited, stressed, annoyed, experiencing discomfort, or relaxed to breathe. 

When we concentrate our breath during meditation or bodywork session, healing is intensified. When we (women) concentrate our breathing during childbirth, our body and mind relaxes and we surrender to childbirth. If we breathe when we are stressed, the stress doesn't seem so paramount anymore. As evidenced, we can very literally heal ourselves with thoughful breathing.

Breathing is one of the most powerful tools. Breathing patterns syncronize with brain waves. Your brain waves connect you to your subconscience. Your subconscience connects you to your spirit, or higher self.

Think to breathe. Think to breathe deeply and evenly.

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  1. I feel like you were writing this to me specifically. Were you? ;)

    I will try harder to think to breathe...especially when you are massaging my sore spots. :)