Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been enlightened. This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Primordial Sound Meditation workshop. The instructor, Tessa Wayman is one of my mentors and dear friends. Her expansive background allowed for the weaving of many beautiful truths. She taught the class so wholly that I am totally convinced meditation is essential to my life.

Meditation is a blessed practice. Most (if not all) religions and spiritual practices include meditation as a vital part of communing with deity. I have read about and heard about meditation, but never been taught meditation. I love the gentle and compassionate approach. For all of you skeptics out there, science is finally catching up with the east and documenting the benefits of meditation. There are several unmistakably clear double blinded, independent studies that validate meditation.

If you are stuck in life, stressed, experiencing illness, seeking clarity, or all of the above and more, here is what I say to you: Go inside. Stop looking for answers outside of yourself. All of the answers come from within. You will find your answers sitting with yourself in silence. Be generous and compassionate enough with yourself to allow the time to meditate.

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